Explore The Enchanting Beaches of Goa

The beach paradise of the country- Goa comes to life in December with Christmas on its way, the monsoons done with and flocks of tourists to cater to; it’s a beautiful and lazy state of chaos that one can experience in December. The weather in Goa in December is the perfect cure for the freezing cold. We bring you the best beaches in Goa to visit during the end of the year.

Agonda Beach Granpas Inn Hotel Bougainvillea Goa Beach Hotels

 Agonda Beach, South Goa

Situated in South Goa, Agonda beach sees all sorts of travelers, backpackers, beach bums, swimmers, people who just sunbathe and relax and those who love meditating. It has a piece of everything for any kind of tourist. You could also just read your favorite book in the company of sea-breeze and the sound of the waves.  Forget about everything as you sink your feet in the sand on the beach. It is advisable for swimming provided you stay off limits. The setting of the Agonda Beach is just perfect. So, if you are looking for a romantic stroll with your special person while the sun is setting it couldn’t get any better. There are not many stalls available at the beach just a few locals but close to the beach area there is guest houses and restaurant so don’t worry you can enjoy your social life and when you feel like having some alone time just take a stroll on the beach.


Baga Beach North Goa Granpas Inn Hotel Bougainvillea Goa Beach Hotels

Baga Beach, North Goa

The crown of the beaches of Goa  - Baga beach. A lot of things happen here throughout the year. Most popular beach of Goa for Indian tourists, it offers something for everyone. It is a picturesque beach with parties, music, beach shacks, karaoke, good food, watersports, good accommodation facilities, and is easily the most happening place in Goa. Baga beach is renowned for its water sports, parties and an amazing nightlife along with delicious seafood that is served at shacks. And when it is peak season, you will see Baga Beach lined up with many of such shacks serving mouth-watering food to tourists. In case you weren’t aware, the National Wind Surfing Championship is held at Baga Beach every year between September and November.


Candolim Beach Granpas Inn Hotel Bougainvillea Goa Beach Hotels Goa Resorts

Candolim Beach

The beach that hosts the Sunburn Festival at Goa, Candolim beach is a really popular beach in Goa.  The long stretch of road that leads to Candolim beach has a line of restaurants and many shops selling all kinds of stuff. The laid-back vibe, beautiful sunset views make for a perfect place for people who love visiting beaches to unwind and relax. For those who love adventure, Candolim will not cease to amaze you. The beach has many water sports activities like water skiing and also parasailing. Adventure sports also come in packages if you want to try out each of them from a wide selection of water sports like water skiing, parasailing, banana boat ride, etc. If you visit Goa during peak season, Candolim beach would be your escapade. One of the longest beaches of Goa, an interesting feature about this beach is dunes situated right at the back of Candolim. This is one of the biggest reasons why tourists flock in large numbers to visit Candolim.

Calangute Beach Granpas Inn Hotel Bougainvillea Goa Beach Hotels

Calangute Beach

Just adjacent to Baga beach, the Calangute beach has water sports, markets, restaurants, good food, lots of accommodation options. Calangute is famous for its nightlife and the famous pubs of Goa including, Tito’s, are located close by. Being one of the busiest and the most commercialized beaches of Goa, it is swarming with eating joints, shacks, and clubs serving mixed drinks, beer and seafood. This flagship beach of Goa is also known for its water sports activities like parasailing, water surfing, banana ride and jet-skiing. While the days here are filled with breathtaking scenic beauty, nights call for frantic parties and letting your hair down. With some of the most amazing nightclubs and pubs within its bounds, Calangute Beach attracts tourist from all around the globe owing to its festive and entrancing environ and is every party animal's dream come true!

Mandrem Beach North Goa Granpas Inn

 Mandrem Beach, North Goa

Touted as one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia, Mandrem beach is a hidden gem locked away in the northern part of Goa. This beach for long has been the favourite spot for honeymooners. This beach still remains underexplored because it is secluded and doesn’t see too many tourists as compared to other beaches of Goa. For a holiday away from a bustling crowd, this beach serves as an ideal place. It treats to you to peace, relaxation, and rejuvenation. Situated very close to Arambol beach, Mandrem is the perfect place to just unwind and relax in the company of nature and breathtaking views. The sunsets that can be viewed from this beach are worth watching. The beach is also home to several quaint beach huts that accommodate tourists. Junas and Ashvem are the two main beaches with shallow and calm waters which make it a great place to swim.  During high tide, water rushes up the Mandrem creek which runs parallel to the shoreline. A lot of bamboo bridges are spawned across this creek and are a great place to spend romantic evenings with your feet dipped in the water. One can also spot some animal life like the white-bellied fish eagles that live in the casuarina trees and the occasional Olive Ridley turtles that nest here.

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