Experience The Thrill Of Adventure In Goa

Goa, with its breezy beaches and vibrant nightlife, proves to be the invariable vacation destination for everyone. But the charm of Goa is not restricted to its beaches, it also has an extensive range of adventure sports both on land and in water. We bring to you the top 5 adrenaline-pumping adventure sports in Goa which you can indulge in, on your next visit and quench the thirst for adventure during your stay at Granpas Inn Bougainvillea. Choose Granpas Inn Hotel Bougainvillea as your next luxury escape in Goa.

Scuba Diving Granpas Inn Hotel Bougainvillea Goa

Scuba Diving

This one makes it to the top of the bucket list of adventures. Enjoy the breathtaking wonders of the sea with a thrilling scuba diving course. The course is run by professional trainers with high-end expertise and equipment. Unearth the treasures of the sea by exploring the alluring corals, fishes and a lot more!

White Water Rafting Granpas Inn Hotel Bougainvillea Goa

White Water Rafting

Ensure adrenaline rushes with the water rafting experience in Goa. Best enjoyed during the monsoons, this sport offers enthusiasts to ride the waves of some scenic rivers and also the view of the amazing wildlife across the shores. The trip lasts for about 10 kilometers and promises an exciting experience.


Trekking Granpas Inn Hotel Bougainvillea Goa


Apart from the beaches, Goa offers some of the riveting terrains for trekking. Take a hike to the Dudhsagar falls or Vagheriare peak and embrace the exhilarating rugged topography. Be prepared to be perplexed with the scenic views of the delightful forests, rare wildlife species and a spectrum of exotic flowers.


ATV Biking Granpas Inn Hotel Bougainvillea Goa

ATV Biking

With the thrilling ATV biking ride the rugged slopes and roll over the muddy routes while roaring the engines on your track. ATV biking promises to awaken the thrill and provides an exceptionally power-packed experience for everyone!

Hot Air Balloon Flight Granpas Inn Hotel Bougainvillea Goa

Hot Air Balloon Flight

Embark on the most amazing Hot Air Ballooning adventure on your next visit to Goa. Explore the highest altitudes with the handcrafted balloon and be enriched with an awe-inspiring experience. Relish the marvelous and picturesque overview of the place and be mesmerized.

At GranpasInn Hotel Bougainville we prioritize the satisfaction and comfort of our guests. Being located in close proximity to some of the adventure sports and other leisure activities, we become the best choice of hotels offering the finest services. Book with us and embark on your unforgettable journey to Goa.