Top 5 Things You Must Try In Goa

Goa is one of the world’s most fascinating holiday destinations which is renowned for its marvellous and endless stretch of coastline. Goa is popularly known as “Pearl Of The Orient” and a “Tourist Paradise”. It is located on the western coast of India known as the Konkan coast. The beaches of Goa are much ahead of other beaches in India. The beaches refurbish themselves every season and enhance the excitement of visitors and charm them into visiting this scenic town again. Goa isn’t all about the beaches though, from historical landmarks to enthralling activities, there are many things to do and see across the state. Choose Grandpas Inn Hotel Bougainvillea as your next luxury escape in Goa as it is located near major landmarks of the state.

Granpas Inn Hotel Bougainvillea, Goa Goa Explore Old Goa Granpas Inn

Explore Old Goa

At one point, Old Goa was the most opulent city in the whole of Asia. The city’s prominence is enjoyed in the form of numerous impressive landmarks, such as Se Cathedral and Basilica of Bom Jesus, both included under Old Goa’s UNESCO World Heritage status. Explore the many hidden treasures nestled in the alleys of Old Goa.


Granpas Inn Hotel Bougainvillea, Goa Goa Goan

Visit a spice plantation

India’s sunshine state awaits to give you a fun and an educational experience. Visiting a spice plantation will provide a great intuition into the many flavours and aromas that define Goan and Indian cuisine. As you walk in these plantations you will encounter the aroma of Indian spices.



Granpas Inn Hotel Bougainvillea, Goa Goa Bird Watching

Spot Birdlife at Dr.salim Ali Bird Sanctuary 

Dr.Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary is a must for ornithologists. The sanctuary is defined by its feral and rugged mangroves and calm, trickling waterways. You can spot everything from kingfisher and heron to kits and even little bittern. Bird watchers & nature enthusiasts can enjoy the many delights the park has to offer.


Granpas Inn Hotel Bougainvillea, Goa Goa Goan Markets

Visit the local markets

Located in a gleeful village, the Saturday night market found in the Arpova, assures you one of enjoying a true Goan experience.
You’ll encounter several authentic impressions of the of the state. Colourful arts and craft are found on sale across the countless souvenir stalls.



Granpas Inn Hotel Bougainvillea, Goa Goa Goan Casinos

Let Lady Luck Join You At Goan Casinos

In Goa, everything happens on the sea. The Casino Pride is a live casino located offshore in Panaji. Casino Pride is known for its high standard gaming. You ought to have luck on your side and money on your mind. You are sure to feel an adrenaline rush at this extravagant casino. So, head here and watch lady luck bless you with glistening fortunes.

To experience the myriad attractions of this alluring beach town, head to Granpas Inn Hotel Bougainvillea, Goa. This beautiful hotel promises a comfortable and safe stay in the beautiful city of Goa.